Gaverina is the right water for you. It contains very few nitrates, has an excellent balance of calcium, magnesium and potassium, is rich in fluorine and low in sodium.

The glass bottle preserves all its nutritional properties without affecting the organoleptic characteristics of the water. That is why Gaverina is the right water when it comes to your daily intake of mineral salts, essential nutrients.

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< 1 mg/l

Gaverina water has one of the lowest levels on the global market


6,4 mg/l

A level of below 20 mg/l is suitable for low sodium diets


98,8 mg/l

One of the waters with the highest calcium content


0,6 mg/l

2l of Gaverina guarantee 50% of your intake


1 mg/l

Regulates muscle contraction and fluid balance


24,3 mg/l

Essential mineral for muscles, brain, bones and heart


Gaverina and Play team up for sport! Gaverina water supports local sport, investing in children and the champions of the future

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The “right” water...

For mothers

The properties of Gaverina water help maintain balance in the bodies of future mothers and new mothers while breastfeeding.

For children

The absence of nitrates makes it perfect for preparing food for babies and children, ideal for healthy growing.

For people who want to stay healthy

The perfect supply of calcium and magnesium reduce the risk of osteoporosis by up to 10%, making it ideal for the bones of our grandparents.

For sports fans

Gaverina Water is so rich in mineral salts, making it ideal for athletes who want to keep their muscles toned and rehydrate their bodies after physical activity.

Gaverina, the mineral water that comes in glass

The water of the Fonti di Gaverina is bottled at the source, so as to preserve all its purity and its nutritional properties. As it flows across the permeable rocks of the Gaverina Terme subsoil, it absorbs precious mineral salts that enrich it with essential healthy substances for our body.

Gaverina water at your home

Take advantage of our delivery service. Ordering boxes of Gaverina in glass bottles is easy and our extensive network of professionals guarantees fast and punctual deliveries.

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