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Gaverina boasts a nitrate value of less than <1 mg/l, one of the lowest in the world.

What are nitrates?

Nitrates are considered undesirable substances, if consumed in excess they can reduce oxygen supply in the blood with dangerous consequences, especially for newborns.

For this reason, legislation recommends consumption of waters with nitrate values lower than 10 mg/l for children, the elderly and pregnant women and 45 mg/l for all others, as a health measure.

Gaverina mineral water

Gaverina has been producing and marketing “Fonte Centrale” mineral water since 1890. In addition to having an almost non-existent nitrate content that is among the lowest in the world, it stands out for its excellent balance of mineral salts, its delicate levels of calcium, magnesium and potassium in particular, its low sodium content, its significant amount of fluorine, and its slight alkalinity (pH. 7.6).

That is why Gaverina water can be defined as Naturally Pure and is particularly suitable for the wellbeing of the whole family.

  • For the preparation of baby food

  • For the hydration of future mothers and new mothers while breastfeeding

  • For athletes who wish to rehydrate after physical activity

  • For the bones of our grandparents and anyone who wants to stay healthy by drinking pure water


Wellbeing, bottled in glass

Gaverina has embraced sustainability for over 130 years. We bottle our water in glass, the best container for preserving the quality of water over time.

Le Plastic bottles::

  • Release heavy metals (such as chromium, nickel and lead) over time
  • Cannot be disposed of, except by combustion
  • Often accumulate in rivers, seas and on beaches, it is difficult to recover used bottles

Compared to plastic, glass is:

  • Ecological, because it protects the environment and the bottles can be recycled following a careful sanitisation and sterilization process.

  • Hygienic, because the water does not absorb any type of harmful substance, can be stored for up to 2 years and the glass does not alter the organoleptic characteristics of the water, on the contrary, it keeps it as pure as it was when it flowed from the source. Naturally pure.

Why choose glass bottled water

Here are 5 reasons to choose glass bottled mineral water over other types.

The source is protected and uncontaminated, the water is untreated and the glass preserves quality and purity.

What we drink... Mineral water Tap water Water filtered at home Water delivery
Source Uncontaminated sources Varied: groundwater, rivers, lakes Water network Water network
Natural protection of source Compulsory Not required Not required Not required
Treatment (e.g. with chlorine) Not permitted Permitted for potabilization Filtered and saline composition modified Filtered and saline composition modified
Mineral composition Must remain consistent over time Not required Not required Not required
Potability and quality guarantee Glass bottles preserve quality and purity Potability guaranteed, quality not guaranteed Depends on water service and maintenance of appliance ASL check required after filtering too

Gaverina water at your home

Take advantage of our delivery service. Ordering boxes of Gaverina in glass bottles is easy and our extensive network of professionals guarantees fast and punctual deliveries.

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