Lightly sparkling water

Wellbeing for the whole family

Did you know that a light fizz aids digestion?

The balanced quantity of carbon dioxide that we add to our water to make Gaverina lightly sparkling, encourages digestion and the correct absorption of nutrients in the body.

13.1 °C

Temperature at source


PH at source

585 µS/cM

Conductivity at 20°C

410 mg/l

Fixed residue at 180°C

19 mg/l

Free carbon dioxide



1 litre


1/2 litre

Chemical and physical-chemical analysis

11 December 2020 - ARPA (Regional Environmental Protection Agency) Emilia Romagna

Substance Substance dissolved in 1 litre of water
Bicarbonates 338 mg/l
Calcium 98.8 mg/l
Sulphates 81.1 mg/l
Magnesium 24.3 mg/l
Silica 10 mg/l
Sodium 6.4 mg/l
Potassium 1 mg/l
Fluorides 0.6 mg/l
Chlorides 4.4 mg/l
Strontium 14.4 mg/l
Nitrates < 1 mg/l

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