Gaverina and PLAY team up for sport

Acqua Gaverina is the official sponsor of PLAY and there is a

10% discount

for all friends of Gaverina on group lessons at the PLAY Ski School.


Why we have partnered with PLAY

  • The Bergamo mountains

Acqua Gaverina emerges, naturally pure, in the heart of the Bergamo Prealps and the unspoiled setting of Gaverina Terme, just a stone’s throw from the city of Bergamo. PLAY was also started in this area with the aim of promoting winter and summer sports in our mountains.

  • Wellbeing in the great outdoors

Gaverina shares PLAY’s vision of wellbeing. Thanks to its well-balanced content of essential nutrients, Gaverina water guarantees wellbeing for all the family. The goal behind PLAY sports initiatives is also to guarantee wellbeing to children and their families, through the promotion of sports and educational activities.

  • Environmental sustainability

Gaverina water has been bottled in glass only since 1890. An eco-sustainable choice that also preserves all the purity of our naturally pure water. We chose to sponsor PLAY because, like us, it cares about sustainability, promoting the use of electric vehicles.

As official sponsor, Gaverina supplies water at all events organised in collaboration with PLAY.

Where to find us:

25 September 2021 - PLAY OPEN DAY at Ai Colli di Bergamo Golf, Via Longuelo 264, Bergamo

22-23-24 October 2021 - BIKE-UP at Il Sentierone, Bergamo

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