Fonte Centrale, in the heart of the Bergamo Prealps

Gaverina mineral water originates from deep groundwater in the heart of the Bergamo Prealps and naturally gushes from the ground with properties that are beneficial to our health and physical wellbeing.

Thanks to the minerals that it is enriched with along its journey, “Gaverina Fonte Centrale” is a well-balanced mineral water that can help your body to purify and regenerate every day.

An unspoiled setting

The village of Gaverina Terme is found at an altitude of over 510 metres, deep in the prealpine lands and situated on a hydrogeological basin that develops around the course of the Drione stream, on the western side of the Cavallina Valley.

The water found in the aquifer in the Gaverina subsoil, which flows and filters through permeable rocks, coming into contact with the minerals found within, is enriched with precious healthy substances.



Giuseppe Angelini purchases the first Terme di Gaverina properties, promoting the therapeutic benefits of this water, from which he had felt enormous benefit a few years earlier.


A Royal Prefecture of Bergamo decree authorises the sale for medicinal purposes of the sulphurous water from the Gaverina source, which emerges in the Valle del Gatto.


The healing properties of Gaverina are advertised both via numerous informative posters and the water bottle labels.


The spa obtains ministerial authorisation.


There are four different sources at the Terme di Gaverina: Fonte Centrale, Fonte Bassa, Fonte Molognetta and Fonte Ippocastano, as well as a bottling plant and a hotel.


The first survey is conducted, which consists in drilling the subsoil to search for other signs of natural mineral water from the “Fonte Centrale” spring and is followed by two others in 1983 and 1987.


In over 130 years, structures typical of a spa town have been developed around this water and industrial water bottling, which emerged after the spa business, has increased.

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