Still water

The mineral water with a unique taste

Did you know that mineral waters also have a distinctive taste?

Gaverina water has a decisive, balanced flavour, thanks to an excellent equilibrium between magnesium - with distinctive notes - and calcium - which adds sweetness to the water.

13.1 °C

Temperature at source


PH at source

585 µS/cM

Conductivity at 20°C

410 mg/l

Fixed residue at 180°C

19 mg/l

Free carbon dioxide



1 litre


1/2 litre

Chemical and physical-chemical analysis

11 December 2020 - ARPA (Regional Environmental Protection Agency) Emilia Romagna

Substance Substance dissolved in 1 litre of water
Bicarbonates 338 mg/l
Calcium 98.8 mg/l
Sulphates 81.1 mg/l
Magnesium 24.3 mg/l
Silica 10 mg/l
Sodium 6.4 mg/l
Potassium 1 mg/l
Fluorides 0.6 mg/l
Chlorides 4.4 mg/l
Strontium 14.4 mg/l
Nitrates < 1 mg/l

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