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< 1 mg/l, one of the lowest nitrate values in the world

Fonte Gaverina was discovered in 1600 and received royal authorisation for bottling in 1890. Today, as then, it provides us with water that is naturally pure, with an almost total absence of nitrates, a substance which can alter the body's equilibrium if consumed at high levels.

We bottle Gaverina water directly at the source and deliver the bottles of mineral water and soft drinks directly to your home. We offer a simple, fast and professional home delivery service.

nitrati free



Available in 1 litre formats


Lightly sparkling

Available in 1 litre formats



Available in 1 litre formats


Soft drinks

Orange soda, Chinotto, Spuma nera, Gassosa, Ginger soda, Bitter, Spuma bianca, Grapefruit soda, Cedrata

Gaverina has been the Bergamo water for 130 years. Always glass bottled and delivered to your home as part of the returnable glass system.

The “right” water...

For mothers

The properties of Gaverina water help maintain balance in the bodies of future mothers and new mothers while breastfeeding.

For children

The absence of nitrates makes it perfect for preparing food for babies and children, ideal for healthy growing.

For people who want to stay healthy

The perfect supply of calcium and magnesium reduce the risk of osteoporosis by up to 10%, making it ideal for the bones of our grandparents.

For sports fans

Gaverina Water is so rich in mineral salts, making it ideal for athletes who want to keep their muscles toned and rehydrate their bodies after physical activity.

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